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Rod Library Resources

Rod Library maintains an online resource for learning more about LGBTQ+ issues. This website includes books, articles, archival information, and resources. They also have a Queer Youth library guide, curated by librarian Katelyn Browne, which features resources focused on children and young adults.

Online Resources

Since we opened our doors in December 2013, we have worked to ensure that all students, staff, and faculty know about not only Gender & Sexuality Services, but also the LGBTQ+ community. Please feel encouraged to use our online educational resources on these topics. Our resources are always expanding. To request additional topics, please contact us at

Names, Sex, and Gender
Gender Identities
LGBTQ+ Glossary of Terms
LGBTQ+ Student Travel Guide 
(This document was created for the National Forensic Association by Bradley University student Clayton Frankel)

Book a representative from Gender & Sexuality Services 

In addition to the online resources we offer, Gender & Sexuality Services staff will gladly speak to a class, as part of the program, at a meeting about GSS, or a topic related to the LGBTQ+ community. Speaker requests can be submitted through our No Class Cancelled initiative here or by e-mailing

If you are looking for a student panel to come speak to your class, organization, or group, please reach out to UNI Proud.

Student Educational Opportunities

We especially encourage our students to get involved with LGBTQ+ educational opportunities. Some opportunities students may be interested in include:

Safe Zone Ally
Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference
One Iowa Health & Wellness Conference
Women's and Gender Studies academic program

For More Information

Contact our Coordinator
Safe Zone Ally Training