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Lavender Graduation

Lav Grad 2020 is going virtual! Lavender Graduation is a celebration of LGBTQ+ students graduating in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2020. It is also a celebration of those who have contributed to our community over the last year.

We will be honoring our graduating students in multiple ways this semester. Our primary way of celebration will be a video where students have the option to personalize their part of the celebration by sharing a video message, audio message, and/or photos. We will have a visual program photo album shared on our website and social media with photos and information about our graduates. For those who don't want to be featured publicly online, students can also opt into receiving a private, individualized message along with their cord & certificate.

Students who want to be recognized should fill out this registration by May 4. We will send out more information to those participating at that time.

For questions related to Lavender Graduation 2020, please contact

Students who intend to graduate this spring, summer, or fall are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in participating as a Lavender Graduate, please fill out this webform. If you are interested in nominating someone for a Lavender Award to be recognized at the event, please fill out the nomination form here. Registration and nominations are due May 4.

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