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What is the Out & Ally Network?
The Out and Ally Network at UNI is a publicly accessible list of UNI community members who are dedicated to making UNI an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students. This resource serves students by increasing the accessibility and visibility of our community members and allies, showing our students that they are not alone. 

Safe Zone AllyThis person is an active Safe Zone Ally at UNI. They have completed the training within the last two years and are currently serving as a Safe Zone Ally. 

LGBTQ Pride Flag This person is out about their LGBTQ+ identity.

How can I be listed as a resource?
If you have been through Safe Zone Ally training and/or are an out LGBTQ+ staff or faculty member, you can sign up to be listed as a resource here.

If you wish to make edits to your listing, please e-mail
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NameRoleDepartmentAlly or LGBTQ?
CJ Aldape, he/him/hisChief of Staff of Northern Iowa Student GovernmentNorthern Iowa Student GovernmentSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Gwenne Berry, she/her/hersChief Diversity OfficerOffice of the PresidentSafe Zone Ally
Jim Bray, he/him/hisAssistant Professor of Theatre/ActingTheatreSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jess Cruz, she/her/hersExhibit Preparator and Outreach CoordinatorUNI Museum Safe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Elise DuBord, she/her/hersAssociate Professor of SpanishLanguages & LiteraturesSafe Zone Ally
Amber Dullard, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantStudy AbroadSafe Zone Ally
Megan Dunn, she/her/hersAdmissions CounselorAdmissionsSafe Zone Ally
Cindy Fitzgerald, she/her/hersLibrary Assistant IIIRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally
Libby Fry, she/her/hersInstructor of Social WorkSocial WorkSafe Zone Ally
Dave Glenn-Burns, he/him/hisCampus MinisterThreehouse: a Wesley FoundationSafe Zone Ally
Taberie Halling, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantStudent Life & Event ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Emily Harsch, she or theyLGBT* Student Services CoordinatorGender & Sexuality ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Susan Hill, she/her/hersDirector of the CETL and Professor of ReligionCenter for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Philosophy and World ReligionLGBTQ Pride Flag
Blair Hines, they/them/theirsResident AssistantDepartment of ResidenceSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Britt Hudson, she/her/hersAssistant Director of Residence LifeDepartment of ResidenceSafe Zone Ally
Kimberly Hurley, she/her/hersAssistant ProfessorKinesiology, Allied Health and Human ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jennifer Jass, she/her/hersFamily and Mental Health Nurse PractitionerStudent Health ClinicSafe Zone Ally
Heather Kennedy, she/her/hersAssistant ProfessorFamily ServicesLGBTQ Pride Flag
Kristina Kofoot, she/her/hersCommunity Engagement Program CoordinatorOffice of Community EngagementSafe Zone Ally
Steffany Kroeger, she/her/hersGraduate Student, Yoga & Mindfulness InstructorRecreation Services, CounselingSafe Zone Ally
Channing Lawson, he/him/hisGraduate Assistant Financial Aid and ScholarshipsSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Keyah Levy, she/her/hersAssistant Director, Multicultural Education ServicesCenter For Multicultural EducationSafe Zone Ally
Chelsea Lowe, she/her/hersAthletic Trainer, InstructorDepartment of Health, Recreation and Community ServicesAthletics
Safe Zone Ally
Jenny Lynes, she/her/hersStudent Accessibility Services CoordinatorStudent Accessibility ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Linda McLaury, she/her/hersAccess Services CoordinatorRod LibrarySafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jenny Murphy, she/her/hersSecretary III Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice Safe Zone Ally
Janel Newman, she/her/hersAssistant Dean of StudentsDean of StudentsSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Brian Nissen, he/him/hisSuicide Prevention EducatorCounseling CenterSafe Zone Ally
Amy Osatinski, she/her/hersAssistant Professor of TheatreTheatreSafe Zone Ally
Shiqun Ou, he/him/hisGraduate AssistantGender & Sexuality ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Kristin Peiffer, she/her/hersAssistant Director of Financial AidOffice of Financial Aid & ScholarshipsSafe Zone Ally
Allyson Rafanello, she/her/hersDean of StudentsDean of StudentsSafe Zone Ally
Nick Rafanello, he/him/hisDirector of Residence LifeDepartment of ResidenceSafe Zone Ally
AJ Richard, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantHealth, Recreation and Community ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Christina Roybal, she/her/hersSenior Associate Athletics Director for Sports Administration Athletics Safe Zone Ally
Grace Sparks, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantDean of StudentsSafe Zone Ally
Courtney Stuck, she/her/hersAssistant Residence Life CoordinatorDepartment of ResidenceSafe Zone Ally
Joan Thompson, she/her/hersHealth Promotion CoordinatorStudent Wellness ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Lori VanHooreweghe, she/her/hersAcademic Advisor Academic Advising  Safe Zone Ally
TJ Warren, he/him/hisAssistant Director of Career ServicesCareer ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Anna Wilson, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantStudy AbroadSafe Zone Ally
Clint Wrede, he/him/hisAssociate Professor, LibrarianRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally