Out & Ally Network Registration

The Out & Ally Network at UNI is a publicly accessible list of UNI community members who are dedicated to making UNI an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students. This resource serves students by increasing the visibility of our community members and allies, showing our students that they are not alone.

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By registering to be part of the Out & Ally Network, you are agreeing to serve as a resource in the following ways:

  • Be publicly recognized as either a Safe Zone Ally or out LGBTQ+ person on our campus
  • Be open about LGBTQ+ students contacting you for support or questions
  • Be open to Gender & Sexuality Services staff contacting you for support, collaborations, or initiatives related to your home department
  • Stay up-to-date about LGBTQ+ issues at UNI by receiving the Gender & Sexuality Services newsletter

Contact the Gender & Sexuality Services staff if for any reason you would like to update your listing or be removed from this resource.

If you have questions about this resource, please contact lgbt@uni.edu.



Register for Out and Ally Network

What is your preferred name? First and last, please.
Ex: she/her/hers, they/them/theirs. You may also write "Prefer not to answer." For more information visit lgbt.uni.edu/pronouns.
Please note Safe Zone Ally training should be completed every two years. If you have not been through Safe Zone Ally training between Spring 2020-present, you can still join the network if you are an out LGBTQ+ person, but will not receive a Safe Zone Ally designation.
Please select the semester in which you participated in Phase Two. We will verify your date as well. 
Ex: Assistant Professor, Secretary IV. Please note that to protect student privacy, we are currently only listing students who have a visible leadership role on campus.
Ex: University Housing & Dining, Custodial Services, Theatre
We are compiling a list of primary contacts for use on an LGBTQ+ Support Network resource for prospective and current students. If you select "Yes," we will connect with you for more information and verify with your respective department head or director that you should be listed.
Please limit your response to 1 paragraph.