Gender & Sexuality Services

Name, Sex, and Gender Terminology

We recognize the importance of the multiple identities our students hold and are taking steps to make our campus experience more inclusive for gender diverse students. Part of our work of inclusion is providing options for accurate and visible self-identification of names and gender identities. We encourage students to use the terminology below as a guide when providing your personal information at UNI. 



Legal Name

Please provide your full legal name, as used on official documents such as a birth certificate, passport, or Social Security record.

Preferred Name

If you would like to use a name other than your legal name as a student at UNI, please share it in the "preferred name" category. Please note preferred names do not replace legal names in legal transactions or documents, as well as your student ID. You can also change this name later in MyUNIverse.


Sex and Gender

Legal Sex

As required for federal reporting, students must have a legal sex of either male or female on record. Please provide your legal sex in alignment with your official records. This information will be used for reporting and may also be reflected in legal transactions, such as in the offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, Human Resources, and at the Student Health Clinic.


Students also have the choice to provide your gender, which may be different than your legal sex, as well as update this information on MyUNIverse. As we work toward making our campus community more inclusive, we collect gender for accuracy of our student records and to encourage visibility of gender diversity. Staff and faculty who have access to student records will have access to gender data. This information does not appear in rosters. A gender identity terminology list can be found here.


For More Information 
Contact with any questions regarding names, legal sex, and gender at UNI.

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