Safe Zone Ally

What is the Safe Zone Ally program?

The Safe Zone Ally program at the University of Northern Iowa is a campus-wide opportunity designed to identify and train community members interested in supporting the continued growth of an inclusive campus community. This program supports the university's value of cultivating a caring and diverse campus community that values respect for all people, the open and free exchange of ideas, and responsible and ethical behavior.

This program is not an LGBTQ+ 101 training, but instead an opportunity for those interested in supporting our community to learn more about how they can do so at UNI.

Safe Zone Ally Phases

This program is offered in two phases, both of which must be completed to be recognized as a Safe Zone Ally. Phase One is a 1.5 hour long training that provides basic knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community, establishes a common vocabulary for participant use and explores the importance of practicing allyship to the LGBTQ+ community at the University of Northern Iowa.

Phase Two is scheduled for two hours, providing a deeper exploration of privilege and intersectionality, as well as challenging participants to think critically about their roles as allies. After participating in both phases, participants are given the opportunity to become Safe Zone Allies by signing an ally agreement stating their confidence in their ability to practice allyship in a knowledgeable, responsible and committed manner. Safe Zone Allies are invited to register to be listed as a resource for UNI students on the Out & Ally List.