Out & Ally Network

What is the Out & Ally Network?

The Out & Ally Network at UNI is a publicly accessible list of UNI community members who are dedicated to making the university an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students. This resource serves students by increasing the accessibility and visibility of our community members and allies, showing our students that they are not alone. 

To get in touch with the Out & Ally Network leadership team, please contact out-ally@uni.edu

allyThis person is an active Safe Zone Ally at UNI. They have completed the training within the last two years and are currently serving as a Safe Zone Ally. 

logoThis person is out about their LGBTQ+ identity.

How can I be listed as a resource?
If you have been through Safe Zone Ally training and/or are an out LGBTQ+ staff or faculty member, you can sign up to be listed as a resource.

If you wish to make edits to your listing, please email lgbt@uni.edu
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NameRoleDepartmentAlly or LGBTQ?
Janel Alleyne, she/her/hersAssistant Dean of StudentsDean of StudentsLGBTQ Pride Flag
Bailey Aukes, she/her/hersCareer CoordinatorCareer ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Gabe Barnes, he/him/hisResident AssistantHousing & DiningSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jerrell Bates, he/him/hisAssistant Residence Life CoordinatorHousing & DiningSafe Zone Ally
Melinda Beland, she or theyPublic Relations, Clerk IVRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally
Kaili Benham, she/her/hersStudent Health & Wellbeing CoordinatorStudent Wellness ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Jeffery ByrdProfessor & Department HeadArtSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Michael Conrad, he/him/hisAssistant Professor of Jazz Studies & Music EducationSchool of MusicSafe Zone Ally
Molly Cormaney, she/her/hersAdjunct InstructorWomen's & Gender StudiesSafe Zone Ally
Emmett Cory, he/theyAdmissions CounselorOffice of Admissions

Safe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag

Jenna Coulter, she/her/hersEducational CounselorEducational Opportunity CenterSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Alison Cox, she/her/hersAssistant Professor of CriminologySociology, Anthropology & CriminologyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Angie Cox, she/her/hersAssociate Professor, Health Sciences LibrarianRod Library

Safe Zone Ally

Janet Croft, she/her/hersAssociate University LibrarianRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally
Jess Cruz, she/her/hersExhibit Preparator and Outreach CoordinatorUNI MuseumSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Sav Culver, she/her/hersResidence Life CoordinatorHousing & DiningSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag


Breanna Daley, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantSchool of MusicLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jordan Dunn, he/him/hisAdjunct InstructorSocial WorkLGBTQ Pride Flag
Robert Earle, they or heVisiting Assistant ProfessorPhilosophy & World ReligionsSafe Zone Ally
Natalie Earnest, she/her/hersCareer Services CoordinatorCareer ServicesSafe Zone Ally
Josh Farris, he/him/hisFraternity & Sorority Life CoordinatorOffice of Student InvolvementSafe Zone Ally
Cindy Fitzgerald, she/her/hersLibrary AssistantRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally
Brittany Flokstra, she/her/hersInstructor, Faculty Ally of the Year 2018Chemistry and BiochemistryLGBTQ Pride Flag
Aliza Fones, she or theyAssistant ProfessorLanguages & LiteratureSafe Zone Ally
Lane Forsman, he or theyAssistant ProfessorSocial WorkLGBTQ Pride Flag
Caroline Francis, she/her/hersCommunications and Operations CoordinatorSchool of Music

Safe Zone Ally

LGBTQ Pride Flag
Melissa Gevaert, she/her/hersLibrary Assistant IV, 2021 Staff Ally of the YearRod LibrarySafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Dani Goedken, she/her/hers

Graduate Assistant /

Graduate Intern

The Learning Center /

Student Athlete Development

Safe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Lisa Green, she/her/hersProject CoordinatorCenter for Social & Behavioral ResearchSafe Zone Ally
Andrea Greve Coello, she/her/hersAssistant Athletics Director for Student Services & InclusionAthleticsSafe Zone Ally
Susan Grover, she/her/hersSecretary IISchool of MusicLGBTQ Pride Flag
Connie Hansen, she/her/hersAssociate DirectorStudent InvolvementSafe Zone Ally
Susan Hill, she/her/hersDirector of the CETL and Professor of Religion, 2022 Faculty Ally of the YearCenter for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Philosophy and World ReligionLGBTQ Pride Flag
Kimberly Hurley, she/her/hersAssistant ProfessorKinesiology, Allied Health and Human ServicesLGBTQ Pride Flag
Jennifer Jass, she/her/hersFamily and Mental Health Nurse PractitionerStudent Health ClinicSafe Zone Ally
Courtney Johnson, she/her/hersOutdoor Education and Leadership Graduate AssistantHRCS Outdoor Adventures Program

Safe Zone Ally

Isabella Johnson, she/her/hersGraduate AssistantOffice of Compliance & Equity Management

 LGBTQ Pride Flag

Kristin Johnson, she/her/hersInstructional Development SpecialistOnline & Distance EducationSafe Zone Ally
Lori Johnson, she/her/hersAdvising Coordinator / InstructorDepartment of Communication and MediaSafe Zone Ally
Kalyani Kannan, they/them/theirsLGBTQ+ Student Services CoordinatorGender & Sexuality ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Hannah Krejci, she/her/hersResident AssistantUniversity Housing & DiningSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Cori Martin, she/her/hersSecretary IVDepartment of HistoryLGBTQ Pride Flag
Amy Mayer, she/her/hersRAPIL Program CoordinatorCollege of EducationSafe Zone Ally
Alyssa McCoy, she/her/hersProgram CoordinatorCenter for Social & Behavioral ResearchSafe Zone Ally
Katy McGlaughlin, she/her/hersProduction ManagerTheatreSafe Zone Ally
Linda McLaury, she/her/hersAccess Services CoordinatorRod LibrarySafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Kaylee Michelson, she/her/hersCivil Rights InvestigatorOffice of Compliance and Equity ManagementLGBTQ Pride Flag
Paula Myatt, she/her/hersResidence Life CoordinatorHousing & DiningSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Katie O'Brien, she/her/hersInstructor of American Sign LanguageCommunication Sciences and DisordersSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Callie Paar, she/her/hersSecretary IIIComputer Science

Safe Zone Ally

LGBTQ Pride Flag

Tod Penn, he/theyAsst Information Technology SpecialistIT Client ServicesSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Samantha Pfab, she/her/hersStudent Success CoordinatorStudent Success & RetentionSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Katie Pfarrer, she/her/hersAssociate DirectorHousing & Residence LifeSafe Zone Ally
Allyson Rafanello, she/her/hersDean of Students, Departmental Ally of the Year 2018Dean of StudentsSafe Zone Ally
Nick Rafanello, he/him/hisExecutive DirectorHousing & DiningSafe Zone Ally
Ashley Rasmussen, she/her/hersAssistant Director of SystemsOffice of AdmissionsSafe Zone Ally
Gayle Rhineberger, she/her/hersProfessor of CriminologySociology, Anthropology & CriminologySafe Zone Ally
Thomas Riedmiller, he/him/hisAcademic Support SpecialistCulture and Intensive English ProgramsLGBTQ Pride Flag
Marykaye Roberts, she/her/hersClerk IIIRod Library

 Safe Zone Ally

Stacey Runde, she/her/hersAdministrative DieticianHousing & Dining

Safe Zone Ally

Holly Schneiders, she/her/hersAccount ClerkRod LibrarySafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Molly Scott, she/her/hersDirector of LGBTQ+ AffairsNorthern Iowa Student Government

LGBTQ Pride Flag

Kelli Snyder, she/her/hersAssociate Professor, Athletic TrainingHRCS / Athletic TrainingSafe Zone Ally
Jesse SwanProfessorLanguages & LiteraturesLGBTQ Pride Flag
Mike Tate, he/him/hisAcademic AdvisorAcademic AdvisingSafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Katy VanDyke-Corbette, she/her/hersFood Service SupervisorHousing & DiningSafe Zone Ally
Lori VanHooreweghe, she/her/hersAcademic AdvisorAcademic AdvisingSafe Zone Ally
Tessa Wakefield, she/her/hersArchival Processor and Reference SpecialistRod LibrarySafe Zone AllyLGBTQ Pride Flag
Clint Wrede, he/him/hisAssociate Professor, LibrarianRod LibrarySafe Zone Ally
Deb Dimond Young, she/her/hersAdjunct InstructorDepartment of Languages and LiteraturesSafe Zone Ally